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Q?What are you trying to convey creative ideas? / 什麼是你要傳達的創作理念?

Simply wanted to do  really like whatever I’am thinking; by  the natural way to free yourself, love yourself,being yourself .I would like to convey spiritual healing with fashion, dress up your body, you  can therefore be satisfied from the heart of joy.


Q?What does handmade” happy-lucky ” mean to you?
 / 手作happy-lucky對你來說意味著什麼?

Happy-Lucky , Its name from the American terminology happy-go-lucky; also in French sans souci, no worries mean; encourage remind yourself where their troubles, not as living in the moment, to live happy smiling lucky may follow! Personality: optimistic attitude, adaptable/Description: Optimistic cute little lion sheep ;a needle – line, a painting, a life of blessing ideas and enthusiasm hand made ​​to, is self healing mood product, as in the long dream course of concentric partners, reminded of his dream to play hearts immortal! I hope it makes everyone happy soul regain innocence, life becomes rich and colorful!

Happy-Lucky, 取名自美國用語happy-go-lucky ;也有法文sans souci,沒煩惱的意思;鼓勵提醒自己與其在哪煩惱,還不如活在當下,微笑快樂的過日子幸運就會跟著來! 個性:樂天知命,隨遇而安/ 描述:樂觀俏皮的小獅羊; 一針ㄧ線,一筆一畫,用對生活祝福的意念與熱情創作出來,是自我療癒的心情產物,作為在漫長築夢歷程的同心伙伴,提醒對夢想的玩心不滅! 希望happy-lucky能讓大家心靈重拾天真無邪的快樂,生活變得豐盛多彩!

Q?How do I choose my size? / 我應該怎樣選擇合適的尺碼?

If you have any doubt concerning the size you should buy for a specific piece, we advise you to click on the “Size information” of  the article page. Most of the time, we indicate the size worn by our model, and her height, so that you can compare. For more information, you can also check our size charts.
Feel free to send any size question to hello@chung-chiao-tai.com and we will be happy to help you find the size that fits best for you.


Q?The article I want isn’t available in my size, what should I do? / 我喜愛的產品沒有我的尺碼,我該怎麼辦?

All our articles are in limited quantities. It may happen that the article you want isn’t available anymore in your size. If you’re really interested by this piece, drop us an email hello@chung-chiao-tai.com to inform us, and we will inform you if and as soon as the article has been stocked up.


Q?I still haven’t received my order. How can I know where it is? / 我還沒有收到我的訂單,我可以怎樣追查它的狀態?

To check your order status, simply connect to your customer account, then click on the desired order. You should read the expedition status for each article. In the case of a dispatched article, you can click on the tracking link that will enable you to check the delivery status of our dispatch partner.


Q?I forgot my account password, how can I get it back? / 記了我的密碼,可以怎樣取回?

That’s very easy! You just have to click on Forgottent your password? on the access page to your account. You can go directly to this page by clicking here.


Q?Is the payment secured enough? / 您們的支付方法安全嗎?

CHUNG-CHIAO TAI strives to provide a safe and secure shopping experience.
Any personal information is kept private and we will never sell or trade it to any third parties.
We do not have access to your credit card information at any time nor is it stored in our system. All payments are transmitted and securely made through Paypal.

CHUNG-CHIAO TAI 致力於提供一個安全可靠的購物體驗。任何個人信息保密,我們將永遠不會向任何第三方出售或交易。